The topics we'll be covering​
  • ​How to Deal With “That” Board Member

  • How I Blew My Seed Money

  • The ABCs of Venture Funds

  • Staff Mediation: Dealing With Difficult People

  • To Incubate or Not to Incubate

  • Real Estate for Small Businesses

  • Pivoting for Startups

  • 10 Things Every Seed and Pre-Seed Startup Needs to Know

  • How to Get a Podcast Up and Running

  • How to Talk to Reporters

  • Staying Calm and Grounded During Difficult Times

  • VC Dos and Don’ts

  • Content Creation for Startups

  • My Company is All Grown Up, What Now?

  • Power of Video Content

  • Riding the constant waves of ups and downs? Balancing personal and professional life, especially when you have a family, etc.

  • Funding without VC to retain ownership

  • Breaking into markets in which the founder has no prior direct experience

  • The importance and ability to stretch your limited marketing budget 

  • Convincing old school industries to adopt new innovation 

  • What is the right number of products or features to build and when?  Do I  have the right mix?

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