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Chris Cunningham

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because you had an idea? Maybe a great idea, maybe a bad idea, but an idea nonetheless. Often that happens to me, I roll back to sleep and sadly forget about it by the morning. However, this time I jotted down some notes, fell back to sleep and woke up the next morning with the idea of Stories Summit.

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This invitation-only event is dedicated to real accounts of successes and failures from the startup trenches through the lens of Founders, CEOs and Venture Capitalists.

The goal of Stories Summit is to share the untold, real-life tales of building companies to inspire conversation, debate, and most importantly, share lessons learned along the way so other leaders and entrepreneurs can avoid the same mistakes.


"Starting a business looks easy from the outside, but in reality, it can be painful, exhausting, and rife with potential failure. We started Stories Summit to bring together all levels of founders in the startup community to candidly share their blood, sweat, and tears experiences in a way that will help all entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and pitfalls in the future."

Chris Cunningham | Stories Summit Creator, Founding Partner in C2 Ventures



  • This is not a conference.

  • This isn’t about people talking past each other or at each other.

  • You aren’t attending to push a product.

  • You’re here to grow and deepen your network, not monetize it.

  • You’re not here to check a box (or email while half-listening to a dry lecture).

  • You will be an active participant.

  • Discussing failures and mistakes is the norm.

  • Content will be captured and potentially distributed to share leadership insights and stories beyond the event.